Film: A Royal Affair (drama)

Director: Nikolaj Arcel
Year: 2012       
Recommended: Yes!

This is a good story with a decent cast although, it is nothing special. It is set in Denmark in the 18th century when King Christian VII was on the throne despite being mentally ill. 

I always have been curious about those times. I mean, how did those people keep themselves clean? Did they wash? How frequently? How did they fight sickness? I wouldn’t have liked to have lived back then!. 

Anyway, to be a woman must have been really difficult. Even queens had to give up their lives and marry men that they didn’t know. Sadly, they had to live in loveless marriages for the rest of their lives. I mean, I don’t think anybody could successfully divorce a king back then – remember the “beautiful” story of Henry VIII!

Independent women must have been a rare specimen. Women that read and who were brave enough to criticize the political regimen. This movie shows that thinking differently has its consequences, and good intentions are not good enough when trying helping others. Sometimes big goals require significant sacrifices as a minimal mistake can be converted into an advantage by those against you.

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