Film: The International (drama)

Director: Tom Tykwer
Year: 2009       
Recommended: Yes!

This film shows the active participation of banks in the criminal world! It is inspired by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International scandal of the 1980s. This story displays how banks facilitate money laundering and how the war in countries experiencing conflict is seen as an opportunity to do business. 

It is disappointing to see important and big institutions like banks, playing with an entire population’s destiny. Millions are affected by these criminal policies. But let’s not forget that behind these institutions there are ambitious people hungry for power for whom it is never enough.

The story is an eye opener where “bad guys” are not always the ugliest or the most obvious characters, they are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing! These people present themselves as saviours, but in reality, they want to profit from the poverty and naivety of others who like them, want power and money. I wonder when we lost our way? At what moment did we forget we are human beings and lose respect for each other and the ability to feel compassion for the weakest? I also wonder what is the reason for having tons of money if we can’t enjoy it? I mean, these people don’t have happy families. What is the point of being rich if nobody loves you? If you can’t be peaceful because you have to think up strategies to destroy your enemy?.

I feel admiration for those with the courage to reveal the truth at the expense of their own lives. Those doing what they can to fight against crime, people such as; journalists, policemen, civil servants, bloggers, pacifists and lawyers. Obviously, we also have mimicked criminals inside those institutions, corrupted people selling their souls and principles for a few pounds. But they are a minority! (I want to believe that!😨)

Very good movie!

Noteworthy quotation from the movie:

•    “We cannot control the things life does to us.”

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