Film: The 12th Man (drama)

Director: Harald Zwart           
Year: 2017                   
Recommended: Yes!

This is an extraordinary film based on astonishing real events. The movie is highly emotional, and it shows how courage and bravery are necessary, but not enough, to attain significant objectives. The story reveals that other’s help was also essential for the development of these historic and heroic events. 

This drama unveils how the German occupation affected the Norwegian population during World War II. The acting skills of the main character are sublime as it is a challenging role to play, and you will see the contrasting mental and physical changes of the character during the movie. It was an absolutely appalling situation where the protagonist has to play with his mind to survive. It is incredible how the human body creates ways to achieve self-preservation!. I am sure you will be glued to the screen watching this movie, just as I was!.

This story makes you think of how some people define the word “duty” and how united people that help each other can do the impossible. The desire and determination to finish a task regardless of adverse conditions and being ready to give your own life is what characterizes heroes. But not everyone is a hero, so, what about ordinary people like us? Well, we have situations where enduring terrible conditions are necessary to achieve bigger goals. The question is, what kind of person are you? The kind that gives up quickly? Or the type that fights and enjoys a well-deserved victory?

I think success is based on how we use and cultivate our skills as well as our determination to get things done. The third element would definitely be, other people’s help. All the above framed in a spirituality that allows us to believe in ourselves and in which things are possible.

We also need to define what success means as this word has different implications. For example, for me, success is to love and be loved by my family. Others would define success as having a well-paid job or having many friends. Well, according to your own definition of success, you declare your objectives in life. That is the starting point to see your dreams come true!.

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