1. Is being forgotten the final death? 08May19
  2. Courage and Business Skills 13May19
  3. Overcoming a Personal Crisis 20May19
  4. Rough Sleeping in London: An Increasing Reality 23May19
  5. Prostitution in Universities (The UK and Colombia) 28May19
  6. Caster Semenya: A Gifted Woman 3June19
  7. Active Listening to Influence Conversations 5June19
  8. Characterization of England’s and London’s Population 8June19
  9. Using Charisma to Engage People in a Business Context 12June19
  10. Resilience and the Holy Spirit 15June19
  11. Slavery In The Chocolate Industry. 5July19
  12. When Artificial Intelligence Takes Over: Let’s Meet Sophia. 16July19
  13. Managing Your Personal Projects Using Prince2. 24July19
  14. How To Stimulate Your Creativity. 25July19
  15. The UK & The US Common Business Interests. 01Aug19
  16. 23 Leadership Lessons from Simon Bolivar. 02Aug19
  17. Entrepreneurship 1: Companies In The UK and London Area. 08Aug19
  18. “One Is Too Many”: Missing Children In Mexico. 23Aug19
  19. What Is Happening In The Amazon?. 24Aug19
  20. Entrepreneurship 2. My First Crisis as an Entrepreneur: IT Crash. 25Dec19