My Profile

I am a Latin American woman who was born and raised in Colombia. In my teenage years, I experienced life without the internet. Mobile phones were released when I was in my last year of high school (I feel old saying this!). In the beginning, I resisted using technology, but after a few years, I embraced it as I recognise how it improves people’s lives. I am happily married and have been living in the UK since 2016. 

Before the UK, I lived in Mexico for a few months. Over there, I had my first Spanish teaching experience. I never imagined that teaching kids would be so challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have great memories of Mexico, but we had a very difficult time as well. Mexico is a great country, with fantastic food and exceptional people. Once we asked for directions in the streets of Mexico City and a local woman stopped what she was doing to take us to the right address. I will never forget that!, yet despite all the good things, I felt in danger all the time as I heard many stories about how local police can’t be trusted. Lately, I have seen concerning news about women disappearing in tube stations in Mexico City.

In the UK, I have worked in market research, recruitment, business coordination, office management, marketing and change management. I am fascinated by learning and applying new disciplines in my job as I think a diverse experience makes you flexible when facing new challenges, and forces your mind to think from different points of view which has the advantage of being creative when making decisions.

My last job in Colombia was as a business lecturer, this job made a huge difference in my professional experience as I learnt so much from it. I taught classes on business, finance and the economic subject of poverty. Lecturing made me a better leader, better person and better professional. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in business, a postgraduate diploma in finance, a MBA and recently, I got my Prince2 qualification. In 2017, I started my ACCA qualification, however, I stopped it because I thought it was overly expensive for the reward and a career in finance would take me too much time as I would have to start from scratch. Still, I’m in love with finance and if in the future I find a well remunerated job, I would be delighted to continue my ACCA path. Currently, I am preparing my research proposal for my PhD application, but I can’t apply yet due to my visa situation in the UK, I can apply in 2 years from now (when I am a British citizen).

I support many causes especially the role of women in society. I think every woman is strong in their own way and a fundamental element of every economic development. So, here it is, my personal space to share my opinions and for everyone to comment on them.