Film: Lion (drama)

Director: Garth Davis  
Year: 2016                   
Recommended: Yes!

I cried so much during this movie!. It is a dramatic film about the true story of Saroo Brierley. It shows the cruel reality of kids in India and how poverty is used as an excuse to destroy human lives. Nicole Kidman’s role is unforgettable!

I don’t understand why some people destroy kids’ lives? Why some adults sell and buy children?. This movie reveals the harsh reality behind the orphanages, those places that are a jail for homeless children and where adults’ authority is unlimited to take advantage of it in every way they can. But I was most shocked by how some policemen help criminals to pursue and kidnap minors.

I think it’s important to watch this kind of movies because sometimes we close our eyes to other’s problems, as it is easier to ignore than to help. This is the other part of this brilliant film, people that actually help are so few but that “small” bit of help makes a lot of difference to the lives they touch. 

I entirely recommend watching this film, it is one of the best!

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