Film: Carlitos’ Way (drama)

Director: Brian De Palma        
Year: 1993       
Recommended: Yes!

Al Pacino’s acting is magnificent in this movie!.  This film exposes how difficult it is to get out of the drug business as violence just follows you everywhere. When you are labelled as a criminal, society and even your own friends think of you only in that way, making it more difficult to escape that life. A world where it is impossible to trust others because easy money is tempting for everyone. Money and power are in the game constantly.

Having power over other’s lives and earning millions with minimum effort are the most difficult aspects to ignore. However, that is not the reality for every criminal. Many of them die at an early age unable to enjoy their fortunes.

But living in that environment is not an option for some people and surviving in a world where the law is “kill or being killed” is quite difficult; just the bravest people remain. Despite all those adverse conditions, there are good people willing to change and improve their lives. 

Very good movie!

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