Film: Fighting With My Family (comedy)

Director: Stephen Merchant
Year: 2019
Recommended: Yes

This film has the Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson known as “The Rock” and it is based on a true story. I had a good time watching this movie as it emphasizes (in a funny way) the importance of having a family as these are the people that support us and motivate us to carry on.

It also points out the importance of speaking with your heart and showing your vulnerability to connect with others as opposed to speaking mechanically with no emotion which places a barrier between you and everyone else. This film shows how a good leader connects with their team to the point of making everyone feel that the victory is their own.

An additional and very important message is the awful consequence of making assumptions about people. When we know others’ inner motivations, we can create mutual goals instead of competing against each other. Assumptions can make us underestimate others and forge ideas of superiority in our mind that prohibits us from showing our true potential.

Definitely, a highly recommended movie!

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