Film: The Professor and the Madman (drama)

Director: Farhad Safinia
Year: 2019
Recommended: Yes

This film is terrific and Sean Penn’s acting is brilliant.

It is an extraordinary story based on the book “The Surgeon of Crowthorne”. This movie highlights the importance of education and how our skills can be used for society’s benefit and to magnify our purpose in life. 

Topics such as teamwork and synergy are cleverly illustrated all along with this film in the colossal goal that the main characters strive to accomplish. The enjoyment of reading is another essential component in the plot transmitting all kind of emotions through the screen and showing that sometimes, it is not just about the final result, the gratifying part is to overcome all the difficulties on the journey.

This film brilliantly presents empathy as a crucial skill and how real friendship can change the course of our lives. Also, it educates the viewers about the importance of forgiving others, but first and foremost forgiving ourselves. They were the best 124 minutes I’ve spent on a movie, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see nominations at this year’s Oscars. 

Noteworthy quotations from the movie:

About the passion for reading:

 “It’s freedom … I can fly out of this place on the backs of books”

“I’ve been to the ends of the earth on the wings of words”

“When I read, no one’s after me. When I read, it’s me that is chasing. Chasing after God. Please … join the chase”.

“He sees the world, he sees it all with its myriad of choices and he chooses to be what he is”.

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