Overcoming a Personal Crisis by Judy Chicangana

I was shopping the other day, and a stranger told me that I am beautiful!… such a nice guy! But honestly, how many times do things like that happen? Every 20 years to never?. Every day we have difficult situations at work, at home, with friends, with family, even with strangers on the train/bus/tube, some disputes are nasty and leave a bitter taste in the mouth. 

Anything could trigger a confrontational situation, but what if we have had so many quarrels every day and we can’t stand it anymore?. I define a crisis as the sum of all those battles present in our minds that fill us up with constant anger. We are in crisis when we have so many that it is out of our control.

Repeatedly, our deceiving heart tells us that everything will be fine and we even think that the situation will be fixed by itself; but we know, there will be a time when a difficult decision will need to be made. Maybe the reason for postponing that decision is the doubt of our capacity to move on, but doubting is normal. We just need to find our inner strength and to say enough is enough!

The self-diagnosis process to ask ourselves about the exact moment when we lost control, is essential. Furthermore, we need to analyse the situation and find out our own responsibility for it. Moreover, keep in mind that while you are not hurting others, you need to fight for your well-being as you deserve to be happy. 

In the desire to solve our problems, we forget that analysing them, is part of the solution. We should be able to evaluate their causes and consequences in our lives and see the situation from the “observers” point of view precluding any emotions. Take your time but be aware that life continues and nobody waits for you, so you’ll have to move on quickly.

A further element of the problem-solving process is identifying those people that could help us. Those with experience whose advice would be invaluable, those eager to listen to us, those capable of telling us “the ugly truth” to our face when nobody else dares to do it and finally we have God! Yes, God, our father, he is always there for us.

My personal experience has taught me to be selective when choosing the people around me. My supporting group have helped me (and I’ve helped them), when in crisis. My closest circle is composed of my husband, my family, my best friend, who is always there to listen to me, and finally, my own spirituality. I maintain a personal and particular relationship with God and for me, it is just unbelievable how my faith has given me hope and guidance in the worst moments of my life. 

The way we deal with each crisis is the foundation of our character and determines how we will face the next challenge. Every situation has something to teach us as all our experiences contribute to who we are, and every decision will form our future. Learn that forgiveness sets you free and keeps your fire burning. You are stronger than you think!


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