What is “Letters for Isa”?

It is a section of my blog where I will share my life experiences and the lessons learnt from them. As a woman in her 40’s I feel like I have important messages to be distributed to younger people to help them pass through different stages of life. I believe, sometimes the mere knowledge of another person living through the same thing helps you to understand your own adversities and move on.

This section was inspired by my niece Isabella, who I love profoundly, and I hope to guide her when she feels lonely and maybe disorientated. She lives miles away from me, and we don’t speak too often but I hope that when she reads this when she gets a little older, she can use it to help her someway.

It would also be comforting to know that my articles were useful to anyone that read them. So, making them public is the best way to make them useful. I hope you enjoy them!

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