Delmora® is an idea that started a long time ago in my head, like a dream that was far from reality. When this dream started, it didn’t have a name or a clear direction, but I had the feeling that entrepreneurship was going to be my path. So, on my commute to work every day and in my free time, I started to create a portrait of what Delmora® is today.


My family has always been vital to me, and that is how the name came to life. My sister in Colombia has a Jewellery company named D’elmora and to create a feeling of unity, I decided to name my dream Delmora (without the apostrophe). 

One of my goals is to expand the business internationally, having a Delmora® store in many countries. With that in mind, I decided to create Delmora UK as a brand of Delmora International Ltd. Delmora® is an entirely new company created and operated by me.

Creating a company from scratch is not easy; many skills are required, especially in a highly competitive market such as jewellery. Though Delmora International Ltd was born in November 2019, the first product was launched at the end of February 2020. And then, in March Covid 19 hit everyone commercially speaking. This created a step back in expected sales; however, it has been incredible learning new skills such as using online platforms and developing my e-strategy. Delmora® has a presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest and has an e-commerce presence on and Etsy/uk.

The first collection was called CHR19 and contained 10 different references. Currently, a second collection is being produced and will launch soon.


Delmora® stands for 3 main values: style, quality and variety. Style is the individual way you choose to express yourself to the world. Every time you choose your clothes, makeup, shoes and accessories, you are showing others a glimpse of your personality and preferences. In that regard, a piece of jewellery is the perfect complement to any outfit. It should be chosen carefully showing not just your style but that you feel comfortable with your selection. For example, if you wear only one colour, a long necklace can make a difference and project security. When you tie your hair back, big earrings can define your face. If you wear shirts or tank tops, a more discrete necklace will highlight your neck. It is all about what you want to project or what image you want others to have of you. Delmora® has designs with natural stones, colourful components and offers several sizes made from durable materials that will help you to project the image you want.

The second value, quality, refers to the materials. Delmora® sells jewellery made of Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver. Stainless steel, for example, is recyclable, durable and affordable. Our suppliers of Stainless Steel are required to accomplish the REACH conformity of European Law, which restricts the number of chemicals used in the production of the jewellery.

Sterling Silver suppliers are required to have anti-allergic (nickel-free) and anti-tarnish protection in all their products. Soon, Delmora™ will expand its offer to other materials and metals. 

Our third value is variety. Variety gives you the benefit of choice, and you can pick what’s best for you on the day. We offer our customers several mix ‘n’ match options to embrace each woman’s style. For example, buy one chain and multiple pendants depending on your outfit or mood. To have a variety of affordable pieces in your collection allows you to be creative and look gorgeous depending on the occasion.

Variety is linked to another significant value for Delmora®, exclusivity. Every collection has a lot of references with a few units for each reference. It is highly probable that a reference can’t be produced once it has been sold. It is an essential aspect of our current business model, which is not mass production.


In terms of its relations with society and environment, currently, Delmora® has an agreement with the charity LAWA, Latin American Women’s Aid. Delmora will donate a part of its profits for the collection CHR19 to this charity once the collection is completely sold. We expect to be able to create more partnerships in the future to increase our positive imprint on the world. Delmora® offers a gift-wrapping service using a selection of recycled boxes and uses recycled paper thereby avoiding the use of plastic. Regarding our jewellery presentation, there is still so much to do around this subject and we are working hard on this.

There are many other aspects of the company that I will be happy to talk about in future blogs. I hope this gives an overview of what it has taken to make Delmora® a dream come true.

Thank you for being part of this story.


Delmora’s Founder  

6 thoughts on “DELMORA’s Story

  1. The swan necklace is a fab amongst my friends and family! 🌺 Can’t wait for the new collection. I love your values behind the company too and your charitable work.

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  2. This story is very heartwarming and motivating ❤. I, too, have an ambition of starting my own business in the near future 🥰 I wish you all the best and I will continue to support this brand the best I can 😊

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  3. Company with amazing values!!! I share them all 😍. Really impressed with the high quality of my stainless steel necklace. One of my favourite so far.
    Looking forward for your second collection.

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