Book: Closer To God. Your 30-day Journey to an Incredible Life of Prayer

No Spoilers!!
Author: Peter Lundell
Country/Year: The US/ 2009
Pages: 247
Recommended: Yes

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After 5 years of living abroad, I have grown in many ways and changed several ways in order to adapt. The language, the culture, the food, I have learnt how to appreciate and accept things that are entirely new to me. One of the things that has also been affected is my faith. It that makes me stronger when I face difficulties and gives me peace.

So, I started to look for books that help me to keep and increase my faith. This book is one of them. The author helps you to revaluate your relationship with the creator. In that way, it helps you to develop new techniques of how to speak, pray and create an environment that welcomes God into your heart.

The journey of this book is for 30 days, each day, you will read a few pages that will show, amongst other things, the importance of praying. The book also reveals how the author cured himself from pain and misery and invites you to find your inner spirituality. 

I learnt many things from this book. Some of them are listed below: 

The book also gives some Bible passages that cover a variety of topics and lend themselves well to prayer. Please see the table below:

As usual, I also took note of some important phrases in the book:

  • The most genuine praise to God rises not out of feelings, but out of faith regardless of how we feel. P73
  • Praising God when we heal or receive lots of money is simply an appropriate response. But wilfully praising God when we are discouraged or in trouble is an act of faith. P74
  • …acts of faith [are more genuine that acts of feeling, because they…] rise from the heart and not from the circumstances. P74
  • When I am lonely or depressed, I turn to prayer and invite God into my sadness. P90
  • [We need to establish a prayer time] without such time, prayer can easily get pushed aside in a busy day. P140
  • It’s up to you to determine what kind of person you are and do what’s appropriate. P153
  • By not answering our prayer, or by answering no, God maybe graciously doing what we need. P171
  • Lack of faith is a common reason for unanswered prayer… the Bible makes it clear that answers are according to our faith. P171
  • God will usually wait for us to confess sin before he answers prayer. P171
  • Jesus makes it clear that if we do not forgive others who sin against us, the Father will likewise not forgive us (Matt.6:14-15). P172
  • Be aware of inner vows (“I will never…); they have surprising power. P172
  • If we consistently eat unhealthy foods, smoke, drink, abuse drugs, never exercise, and are often stressed or angry, we will reap the results in a sick body. How can we expect the Lord to heal us if our habits make us sick again?. P173
  • As we pray, we also need to check our intentions. P173
  • Fear is a waste of energy. P174
  • God may be protecting us, and we don’t realize it. – I sometimes imagine the terrible things that could happen to me but don’t. P175
  • Sometimes the best thing we can do is patiently trust God. P175
  • God may use unanswered prayer to build our faith, as in, ‘will you trust me even if you don’t get what you want?’. P176
  • If God always answered our prayers right away, most of us would treat him like a cosmic ATM machine. P177
  • When I was young and ready for trouble, it seemed that trouble went the other way. Years later, I found that my mother habitually prayed for me when I went out. P189
  • The people I see who consistently yield great fruit through their prayers are people who battle in prayer not for a few moments but for days. P198
  • We humans are capable of causing most of the problems in the world. P200
  • There are times when joining in prayer with others yields great results. P124
  • God answers prayer because he is compassionate, not because we earn it. P127
  • God loves through us. P221
  • Ask people how they are doing -and listen. We may be the only ones all day who do. P224
  •  If I didn’t write things down, much of what God said or did in my life would be lost in the dusty backlogs of fading memories.
  • Wouldn’t you love to pray in a group that changes lives and the world around us? You may not change the course of a world war, but you can surely change the course of a person or family, a church or a community. P235



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