Film: Otherhood (comedy)

Director: Cindy Chupack
Year: 2019
Recommended: No.

This film was very dull!. Bad acting and not funny at all. The story revolves around a message: mothers usually forget how to have fun because they focus too much on taking care of their children. But, what happens when your children are independently grown up? What happens when they don’t need you anymore?. Well, many women feel demotivated and struggle to find reasons to continue.

So, after a mother decides to dedicate her time, effort and professional dreams to her children, they grow up taking all this for granted. When the kids become adults, they are indifferent forgetting to even call their mother on mother’s day. That is sheer ungratefulness!. This is why I decided to finish this movie even if it wasn’t the best, I wanted to understand the concept and why mothers do it. In the end, I had a revelation that lasted for one minute. I cried and understood that nobody could comprehend how a mother loves her child. She can only give away everything she has for a “little” smile.

I am not a mother, but I am a daughter, and understanding this has helped me to appreciate my mom even more. I want to thank all moms (birth moms and adoptive moms) that read this blog because they are heroes that give everything for their kids. They really don’t ask for anything in exchange. That is true love!

Noteworthy quotations from the movie:

Why is everyone anti-ageing? You know what anti-ageing is? Death. Let’s be happy we’re ageing!

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