Film: Fast & Furious, Hobbs & Shaw (Action)

Director: David Leitch
Year: 2019       
Recommended: Yes!

I was entertained every minute of this movie! It is not a profound film, but it is funny and effortless to follow. I am a big fan of Helen Mirren, The Rock and Jason Statham but Idris Elba stole the show (such a good actor!).

I would describe it as a futuristic old-school movie that highlights the importance of human being’s imperfections. Also, it shows how our weaknesses can be overcome when we work as a team (two people’s efforts are way more significant than a solo effort). It exposes the importance of apologising when we hurt a loved one, even if we are right.

A movie where drones, machines, superhumans and a lot of action, will keep you enthralled for 135 minutes!.

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