TvShow: Ku’damm 56 (drama)

Director: Sven Bohse  
Year: 2016 
No. Series: 1                
Recommended: Yes!.

This TV series is one of many that shows the long path walked by women to obtain recognition of their rights and their individuality around the world. This time, in Germany. The show is located in the 50’s when being a woman meant being weak as it was believed that women were not able to take care of themselves. Women had to get married to the right provider that thought and decided for them – love wasn’t a priority. After marriage, a woman’s only family would be her husband who owned her, taking away her individuality. 

To get this “dream” husband, they actually studied how to be a good wife or should I say a good maid?. At that time, it was difficult for a woman to be herself, especially if she had a strong character and firm convictions. Women that dared to express their opinions or to go against the status quo were pointed out and isolated by society and their own families. I deeply admire women that fought against that!

One of the most violent acts against women is rape. It is shocking to see how the consequences were assumed by the victim and not by the attacker. The victim was seen as an easy woman, obscene and immoral for the rest of her life. It made me wonder, is it different from today? How do we, the rest of us women, contribute to this situation? What are we doing to change it?

Although women were largely on the receiving end, men weren’t completely safe either. This show also reveals how difficult those times were for gays and “unconventional” men. They had to hide their feelings to be accepted in a society that demanded men to be strong, tough and capable to provide for their families.

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