TvShow: Bolívar (drama)

Director: Luis Restrepo, Andrés Mejía and Jaime Rayo         
Year: 2019 
No. Series: 1                
Recommended: Yes!

I was excited when I saw this TV show on Netflix as the last time I heard about Simon Bolivar was in primary school. Any Colombian, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, Bolivian knows who Bolivar was but for European people, that name may be unknown. So, this is an excellent opportunity to remember his legacy.

The series has 60 episodes and explores his childhood, youth and elderly years until the day he died. He is a  man that has been compared with Napoleon and who liberated many Latin American countries from Spanish domination in the early 19th century. His army was full of farmers, countrymen and slaves that were tired of injustice and mistreatment. This man was wealthy at an early age and left behind his riches to follow his dream – the hope of a united Latin America.

I am amazed by the amount of historical content in the series and how it tried to describe the events closest to reality (according to historians and old records). However, I should say that the series could have had a better production, better actors and more realistic scenarios. The actors in the role of Bolivar as a child, teenager and adult were too different from each other. That could be misleading for the viewer,  to watch 3 very different people playing the same person. Also, I think 60 episodes is too much. Despite all of that, it manages to capture the essence of the incredible leader and thinker that Bolivar was.

The last episode was quite emotional, and the best of the whole series, it leaves the viewer inspired to research this great person that changed the course of history. They were many military, leadership and strategic teachings that Bolivar left us (I will be writing about those in a separate blog). There is a substantial historical value of this TV show for many Latin Americans. I highly recommend this series!

Noteworthy quotations from the show:

•    “Love is based on freedom, and marriage requires equality.”

•    “Such a high price you pay for being a woman.”

•    “No husband can be good if he is imposed on you.”

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