Book: The Inevitable, Understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future

Author: Kevin Kelly     
Country/ Year: The US/ 2016
Pages: 297
Recommended: Yes! 

This is a futuristic book that discloses how technological advances have impacted our lives, and it predicts the big mega tendencies of the future. It was interesting for me because I was one of those that resisted technology (I used my mobile phone just to make and receive calls!). The author explains how pointless it is to refuse something that inevitably will impact our destiny. The advances will arrive, it doesn’t matter if we want them or not.

The book is easy to digest and allows you to have a look at the future. A future that will be driven by artificial intelligence and data management as they will be present in each of our daily activities. It makes you realise that many of the changes that we were expecting in the future are already happening. They are improving our lives and making us more and more dependent on technology. The revealing part of this is how the systems use the information that we give them to manipulate our views and opinions.  

It is a highly recommended book.

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