Tv Show: Queer Eye (reality tv)

Director: Different directors per episode       
Year: 2018 - 2019
No. Series: 4                
Recommended: Yes!

What if five gay men were to come to your house to change your life? That is what this TV show is about. Ordinary people are nominated by friends, colleagues or family to be part of an incredible transformation in 5 different ways. They transform your home, your hairstyle, your closet, teach you how to cook, and if you are open enough, they transform the way you think.

This transformation occurs to the viewers as well. I admit that watching this tv show has had a positive effect on me and now a see the LGBT community through different eyes. Many episodes of the show reveal how people labelled as “different” have been forced to fight for their place in society. Black, obese, disabled, lesbian, gay – in fact all kinds of people that have put themselves last in life and have gone through troubled times. All of us have suffered from some sort of discrimination at least once in our lives. This show brilliantly reveals how profound the scars of this can be.

It is lovely to see so many lives touched by this show and many people recovering their inner strength! I cried in almost every episode, and I have to say Antony is my favourite!. Karamo (the culture expert) is very professional, he connects with people using his listening skills and empathy, two abilities that all of us should develop.

Also, I love to watch how Jonathan (the grooming expert) is very proud of himself as has no fear of being different and doesn’t care about others opinions. 

A highly recommended show!

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