Film: Aladdin (animated comedy)

Director: Guy Ritchie 
Year: 2019                   
Recommended: Yes!

I felt like a little girl again with this film! All the fantasy and hoping to run into a magic lamp that makes 3 of my wishes reality. What would I ask for?. If only life were that easy!

Many things have been said about how Disney has brainwashed us, making us believe in princesses and princes. Positioning women as the weakest and men as their saviours. Truth is people of my generation grew up with these fairy tales and honestly going to any Disneyland park is quite an unbelievable experience. (I have just been to the one in Paris, and it is unforgettable).

The movie’s direction was spotless, and I loved Will Smith even more! I think he is a fantastic Genie with many talents. He showed that even the most powerful beings have weaknesses and vulnerabilities. He also revealed how a true friend can be found in the most unexpected places.

This movie highlights the importance of perfecting our talents and being confident about what we have to offer. If you are applying for an interview or encountering someone new, assure yourself that you would be the best candidate, employee or partner that anyone can have. Your particular set of talents and experiences make you unique. If you work hard for something, you will get it and when you succeed, keep in mind who helped you but most importantly remember who you really are.

Another captivating message of this Disney movie was the obvious difference in treatment between the poor and rich. When a person is labelled as “poor” or “rich”, we assume certain things that block us and prevent us from being surprised by their talents. We should be able to see the work and love of God in every human being. 

Noteworthy quotations from the movie:

•    “We all make mistakes.”

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