TV Show: Bad Blood (drama)

Director: Different directors per episode       
Year: 2017 and 2018
No. Series: 2                
Recommended: Yes!

This TV Show is based on a real story and it is about the Mafia in Canada. It was intriguing to follow the main character and the importance (even in that business) that is given to family. In the first season, the protagonist desperately wanted to belong to a “family”, and that desperation was the trigger of both the main and final few events. 

Two things were on my mind; the first one is that many of us actually belong to a family and don’t appreciate it until it is too late. I used to argue a lot with my sisters, and now that I haven’t seen them for 4 years, I miss them so much!. The second thing is about human being’s motivations and how strong the emotions are that drive our actions. Human being’s motivation was a subject introduced by the author Abraham Maslow who designed a pyramid with the basic 5 needs; “belonging” is tier 3. It is revealing how this theory could be used to motivate others, and it is actually used by the drug business. For many people, the feeling of belonging is even stronger than the desire of having money.

That is how drug dealers keep their armies: money and “family”. They make their killers believe that they will take care of them, just as their real family should have done. However, in moments of crisis, everyone shows their true colour, and for drug dealers, family is a far cry from co-workers.  

Well, it wouldn’t be a business without involving money, and drug dealers earn a lot. Greed is an essential component of this equation, and it has been the downfall of many a dealer. Leaders need it to achieve big goals, but also they need to control their greed. They have understood the importance of alliances and sharing to keep the peace and the money flowing. It’s all about minimizing the risk. Many of them have immersed themselves in the world of money laundering as a way to escape the criminal way of life so they are able to enjoy their fortunes. But enjoying their money just like any average person, like you and me, is impossible for these criminals. For example, having friends is not an option and they can never relax, as someone is always waiting for the best moment to kill or rob them.

The second season is more fictional. It explores the concept of family as a weakness as the enemy is always looking for the most fragile point to attack (wife, kids, parents so on and so forth) and all the money in the world can’t protect their loved ones. 

This season also explores the concept of revenge in a more profound way. It is presented as forgiveness. This series shows an extraordinary story of forgiveness. It is shocking!

For me, these criminal people have a fantastic set of talents and significant intelligence that is wasted. If just they would correctly channel these talents, that would help to create a much better world.

Noteworthy quotations from the show:

“In the world of crime, crooks are crooks, thieves are thieves, liars are liars, and the only person who’s not gonna stab you in the back is you.”

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