Film: Madagascar 1,2 & 3 (animated comedy)

Director: Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath        
Year: 2005, 2008 and 2012.                
Recommended: Yes!

This is a perfect set of films to watch on those days that you just want to relax and have a laugh without making any effort at all. 

Madagascar 1 is a beautiful movie that connects us with our true nature. It reminds me of those times when we create shields to hide our vulnerabilities; however, after a while, our true nature will reveal itself. 

People that know our real personality and accept us for what we are,  deserve to be our friends. There is nothing better than being able to show all our flaws to the world, without being judged!. Real friends do not leave us alone, and they support us when we are at our worst.

Those Madagascar penguins were just hilarious! They are an excellent example of how organisational skills and delegation could take us to achieve the most meaningful goals.

Madagascar 2 also highlights how friendship helps us to face adversity giving us the courage we need to solve problems finding our inner strength. A true friend helps us to see the bright side of the difficulties and comforts us when we need it.

An excellent teaching of this movie is how every single talent, skill and experience contributes to our personality by making us unique and valuable. Even if we are twins, we could be identical on the outside, however, the way that we see the world is entirely different.

Noteworthy quotation from the movie:

•    “It’s crazy to think I had to go halfway around the world, to find out the perfect guy for me lived right next door”.

In Madagascar 3, resilience and the importance to move on is highlighted. Every mistake has essential teachings and gives us the strength to face the next challenge. The penguins made their appearance again showing that we need: ideas, organisation, planning and a strategy when we face considerable obstacles.

Advice inspired by the movie:

We have to do things with passion and take risks!

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