Film: The Eagle (drama)

Director: Kevin Macdonald     
Year: 2011                   
Recommended: No.

This is a poorly written and directed movie that has a few good actors. I had high expectations before watching it because it has historical value as it is based on the Ninth Spanish Legion that disappeared in Britain during the Roman conquest. However, the dialogue and characters were mediocrely developed.

As I always look for teachings, the movie has a few good ones from which to glean:

  • Trust in your instincts, especially when others make you doubt your abilities.
  • Assume your decisions’ consequences.
  • Look for your purpose in life. This would be helpful in those times when you need to motivate yourself.
  • Have the courage to face adversity.
  • Always have a strategy and develop the qualities that make you different. 
  • When you see an opportunity, take it!. It won’t come back.
  • Great rewards come from significant risk.
  • Refine your believes and thoughts! They define you.
  • When everything seems to be against you, your real friends are the only ones there to help you. You have to start building good relationships!
  • Choose your battles!

This film also revives the subject of slavery. Someone told me once that the key to the Roman success was the slavery policy as they had plenty of free workforce.

I refuse to believe that another human being has to be at another’s service and forced to do anything their master or owner wants. Nowadays, slavery still exists as children and women are sold to do all kind of jobs. So, there are still monsters that consider another human being as a source of profit. These demons traffic human lives as though they were a commodity. When will this end?

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