TV Show: Parade’s End (drama)

Director: Susanna White        
Year: 2012
No. Series: 1                            
Recommended: Yes!

I liked Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance. His acting was brilliant, dramatic and comic to show the main character’s personality. A man that lives with integrity and compassion. This guy is boring, corny, committed, funny, respectful, honest, loyal and very inflexible.

I have watched many English series, and I am in love with the idea of an old-fashioned romance which this program portrays very well. I enjoy watching that melodramatic love of ancient times where couples used to wait for each other for years, and their love lasted for the rest of their lives. The kind of love in which touch, a look, a word is enough to keep the flame growing in your heart. 

This series has many crucial points to highlight. One of them is about the commitment of marriage. Some of us believe that being married means to grow up. We presume that marriage means a more serious way of living and more importantly, we suppose others take us more seriously too. However, some people rush the selection of their partners and don’t realise that this commitment should be thought about more than once. It is difficult to know when the “right” person will show up, but we don’t want to be tied to a loveless relationship in which kids would be emotionally harmed.

But marriage is not only about choosing the “right one”. It is about maintaining the flame, finding new reasons every day to be in love with your partner. This show demonstrates that communication and respect are vital for a successful marriage. If you have a partner, it is your responsibility to fight to make it work (not just rely on your partner).

A second important point from this tv show is the Suffragettes. I totally admire the courage and bravery of those women that fought for their place in a society that judged them and hindered their fight. Currently, all women are benefiting from their sacrifices.

A third point shown in the series is the suffering produced by war. Men leave their homes to serve their country, and they come back psychologically destroyed by the violence, the continued bombing and dead. These gallant men lose their friends and their minds during the conflict.

Last but not least is a point about gossiping and its terrible consequences in people’s lives. Yes, sometimes we give too much importance on how people speak or think about us, and we allow our destiny to be driven by other’s opinions. The idea here is to establish boundaries to avoid being affected by malicious people who invent things about us and magnify our mistakes.

In my opinion, the direction should be improved in the next series (If there is one). However, it is worthy of watching!.

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