TV Show: Bodyguard (drama)

Director: Thomas Vincent, John Strickland    
Year: 2018 
No. Series: 1                
Recommended: Yes!

This TV series is developed in the UK political environment where power and influence are desperately sought by almost all the characters. A friend’s betrayal and lack of integrity are common in the plot (I wonder if real life is different?). Public employees handle governmental funds at will. Not only tax payer’s money but also using their hierarchical line to allocate resources (such as security) in accordance with their own intentions.

I was impressed by the main character’s personality, a man that many would consider a “hero” with almost supernatural courage when facing danger; however, this incredible bravery is preceded by panic attacks. That made me reflect about how sometimes we see these “leaders” on TV, and we believe they are invincible or think they are perfect because that is the image the media sells us, however, as human beings, everyone has their weaknesses and their struggles.

This series makes you realise how civil servants are damaging our countries when helping criminals. Even the smallest bit of help towards these people has terrible consequences in many other people’s lives.

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