Film: Blood Father (action)

Director: Jean-François Richet
Year: 2016                   
Recommended: Yes!

How could we know if someone is no good for us? If someone only wants to take advantage of us? Are our instincts enough?. Well, sometimes our desire of being loved is so big that it blinds us and it doesn’t allow us to see people’s true nature.

This film is a well-told story with Mel Gibson as the main character. He is a resilient survivor that shows how strong the connexion is between parents and kids and how parents can be a role model for their children. Also, this movie highlights the importance of apologizing when you disappoint someone you love.

On the other hand, this film reveals a terrible truth: bullets can be bought in supermarkets in the US!. I think that gives a terrible message to kids and, it promotes violence and murder being so easily-available to commit a crime.

Noteworthy quotation from this film:

“You may not wanna wake up tomorrow, but the day after that might just be great. Might be the best fuc**** day of your life, you know? You don’t wanna miss it, right?… ”

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