Film: Good Sam (drama)

Director: Kate Melville           
Year: 2019                   
Recommended: On the fence.

From my point of view, this movie is average. Despite being boring, the story is reasonably engaging. With the message: “good actions inspire more good actions”, this movie makes a mark that deserves to be remembered. In these times, when believing in good actions and kindness is so rare, and we see horrible news every day about the contempt and disregard for human life; this movie gives you hope, I think that is its most critical teaching. 

This film inspires you to make your own “good actions” and shows you that sometimes you are so focused on one specific goal that you don’t see the great opportunities that are being wasted.

We will always find people trying to take advantage of us, trying to use our good intentions for their own benefit; but we have the power to decide if we let them succeed at the cost of our suffering and pain, or if we defend our happiness and move away from those negative situations. 

Noteworthy quotation from this film:

“You cannot see everything with your eyes.”

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