Film: Revenger (action)

Director: Lee Seung-won
Year: 2018
Recommended: Yes!

I enjoyed watching this fantastic movie so much! Martial arts are brilliantly performed by Bruce Khan. This Korean film brightly incorporates comedy to the horrendous environment in which the plot is developed. 

This film reminded me of the time when I started my martial arts classes. I quit after the first class! It is really difficult and requires a lot of discipline to get the physical endurance to practise this discipline. I admire the preparation and self-control of the people that dominate these techniques.  

The film has significant teachings about self-motivation and strategy. How do you keep yourself happy when you go through adversity?  Where do you find that strength to continue? These questions were triggered in my mind while watching this movie. It was brilliant!

Strategically speaking, the movie shows that sometimes to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs, meaning that sometimes you have to sacrifice little things to get the big stuff. Also, it shows that you need to find your talent. That one thing that you can do better than anyone else; when you find it, you need to perfect it, and you will become invincible.

Despite all the good things about this film, it is frightening to think of the consequences of having too much power and how far human being go when there are no boundaries or law to protect the weak. I have seen this in many movies now, the disregard for others’ lives and the cruelty of those with unlimited authority. Luckily there is always hope! There is always someone ready to help, we are not alone in this world!.

Analysing the leadership skills presented in the movie, I could define some teachings:

  • Strong leadership is necessary in difficult times. The leader has to guide others harmonising personal goals to the group’s objectives.
  • Leaders need to have the discipline to develop their talents.
  • The leader never forgets the strategy, seeing the big picture is one of their best skills.

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