Film: Long Shot (comedy)

Director: Jonathan Levine
Year: 2019
Recommended: Yes!

This hilarious movie reveals comically how powerful women are sometimes seen as, not too clever, beautiful queens and how they struggle to manage their personal lives and dreams. Charlize Theron is exceptional, and definitely, the movie wouldn’t be the same without her.

Beyond the typical romantic comedy, this film is a reminder of your first love. It was lovely to see a young and nervous teenage boy in love with a woman that he clearly admires. It made me think about the admiration that I feel for people that achieve their dreams, for people that do what they say and influence others’ lives positively without compromising their integrity.

Integrity is brightly asserted in this movie, as it shows how easy is to forget who we are when we have so much noise around us, the noise produced by people with different values and goals to ours. Also, it reveals how easy it is to put labels on people such as; teacher, politician, journalist, ignoring the human being behind all those labels. The only thing that those labels do is to create a pre-judgement that makes it impossible to see the real people behind the label.

Finally, this movie highlights the importance of being yourself and being with someone who brings out the best in you. Someone that shares your success and accepts you as you are.

Highly recommended!

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