Film: What Men Want (comedy)

Director: Adam Shankman
Year: 2019
Recommended: Yes

This is a hilarious film similar to the famous movie “What Women Want” that was released in 2000, where Mel Gibson could read women’s minds. This comedy tells the story of a woman in a man’s world, a world where success and pride are the measurements of prosperity, where jokes about having rough sex and swearing about the smallest things are part of business conversations to show who is the most virile. A world where women have to work twice as hard to obtain the same results.

The main character is a selfish and successful woman that can’t be labelled as the “typical” soft and emotional female, in fact, she is spiteful when doing business and always looks out for herself. Nonetheless, this is a mask to hide her true nature, a good human being that wants to find true love and being able to trust in someone. The problem is, she can’t connect with men even when she can read their minds. 

This funny and entertaining movie made me think of how every human being is complex regardless of sex. What matters is the respect that we have for each other’s differences and the understanding of how men and women can contribute to improving the world if they use the best of their abilities. Numerous authors are describing the differences between men and women, this movie is not the exception, so these are a few tips that could be useful when dealing with men:

  1. Let men win sometimes. Be empathetic enough to identify the right moment to postpone a victory.
  2. Give compliments but not too many and avoid mentioning features of physical appearance.
  3. They label women very quickly (e.g. spinster, old). So, make an excellent first impression.
  4. Men have insecurities as well as women. Keep this in mind, when negotiations take place.
  5. Men don’t just want “to get paid and to get laid” they want respect, appreciation and to feel safe.

Noteworthy quotation from this film: 

“From now on, my self-worth is not going to come from a man’s approval. I am going to compete and win on my own terms…”

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